There are many issues that Gia wants to address in office. High Taxes, Personal Freedom, and Common Core are just a few of the major topics in which she wants to make a significant change.


Gia has received the Orleans County Conservative Endorsement, New York Tea Party endorsement, and the New York Libertarian Party endorsement. She will be running in the Republican primary election on September 9th 2014.



Gia believes that the current state legislature has too much control over the everyday function of local and county governments. Through unfunded mandates, regulations, and restrictions many decisions that should be up to the local governments are prioritized and determined by those in Albany. What’s right for New York City will not always be right for the rural, suburban, and urban communities that our district encompasses. Gia believes in lessening the restrictions and mandates set forth by state government, reducing control, and restoring the power back into the hands of the people through local government and community involvement.


Common Core:

Gia believes this state’s educations system is failing our children. Our current public school system has adopted a curriculum that is supposed to be one size fits all. Not only does it attempt to make cookie cutter replicas of all students, it fails to recognize that each child is truly unique. It does not address the different learning styles of all children, or allow teachers to mold their lessons to fit each child’s individuality. There are many children in the public education system who struggle with the “teach to the test” mentality used every day in their classrooms. Many teachers are miserable, as their desire to teach has been destroyed by a curriculum that allows them no room for interpretation and prevents them from using their creativity to make a fun learning experience for our children. Our children need a positive learning environment where their individual learning styles are recognized and incorporated into their schooling.

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Representing the 3 counties with highest property taxes per value in the state, Gia believes in reducing taxes for homeowners, as well as across the board. She would like to cut unfunded mandates as well as analyze large spending programs to find areas where expenses can be reduced. For the past nineteen years the same person has been representing us as senator in Albany, and if he believes in making New York more affordable for the working class, how can our property taxes be the highest in the state?



Gia believes in a small, limited government, which allows all people to live freely. She believes that all New Yorkers are equal under the guaranteed equal rights under Constitution, and should be able to do as they please so long as they are not causing injustice towards another. She supports the libertarian’s platform regarding personal freedom stating: “Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and to accept responsibility for the consequences of the choices they make. No individual, group, or government may initiate force against any other individual, group, or government. Our support of an individual’s right to make choices in life does not mean that she necessarily approves or disapproves of those choices.” She supports gay marriage, as well as marijuana legalization and decriminalization.


2nd Amendment:

Gia is opposed to any measure of gun control and would like to see the SAFE Act fully repealed. She would also like to see that it become easier for law abiding citizens in New York State to obtain a handgun permit. Instead of targeting law abiding gun owners, she would like to see a focus on stricter penalties for violent criminals as well as gun safety in classrooms and readily available for those interested.

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Business Climate:

With the most recent “StartUp NY” campaign Gia has noticed the lack of attention towards existing small and large businesses struggling in NYS. The focus on bringing new businesses without helping existing businesses is the wrong direction for the citizens of NY. As a small business owner herself, Gia believes we need to help the families and jobs currently struggling before offering new businesses a tax free program. She believes in ending corporate welfare and focusing on lowering taxes and energy costs on a whole to upgrade the business climate of New York.



Gia believes that becoming a politician is not the role of a leader or ruler, but instead one of a servant and representative. In office Gia vows to become the voice of her constituents and fight for what is best for her entire district. She would like to remain available and approachable to her constituents. Upon being elected she would like to hold town hall style meetings monthly to give her constituents an opportunity to address their concerns. The lack of access the people have to their current elected officials is a problem. She also supports term limits for all political offices and would push to pass a bill in favor. She believes that political service is not meant to become a career, and that many in Albany have made it so. She is also in favor of reducing the salary of elected officials in Albany. Gia believes transparency is key to a Constitutional government.


Veteran’s Affairs:

Gia believes that our veteran’s are often neglected and disrespected after the honorable sacrifice and service they provided so that all Americans may remain safe and secure in our borders. She will fight for and protect veteran’s rights and treatment just as they so deserve and as much as she can as they have fought so selflessly for us.



Below please read a letter from Gia to her constituents.

Dear Neighbor,

                My name is Gia Arnold; I am a candidate for State Senate in the 62nd District. I am a mother, wife, and small business owner in the ever deteriorating state of New York, and I want change NOW! We owe it to our children and grandchildren, to ensure that the state they are growing up into is worthwhile and no longer ranks worst in the Country on so many issues that are important to us.

                Not only has our state been ranked dead last on taxes, retirement, business climate, energy costs, and freedom, but OUR DISTRICT is ranked near last on all of those issues as well. If we have had a conservative minded representative for the past 19 years, what has he been doing for us all this time to have us rank LAST consistently? We all feel the burden of high taxes, high energy costs, poor education system, and personal freedom restrictions. We are losing New Yorkers in droves, and we are struggling every day. We need less TALK and more ACTION. Not only has he failed to represent our needs, but he continues the cycle of corruption our area is known for on a state and local level, by helping to disband the Moreland Commission that was investigating him!

                I have a sure-fire plan to eliminate our struggle in Niagara, Orleans, and Monroe counties. We need to cut spending costs, remove unfunded mandates, and restore power to our local communities where “We the People” are making the decisions of where and how OUR money is spent. This plan will lower taxes, lower energy costs, and provide a more business friendly climate, while making sure that New Yorker’s stay afloat.

                I have three daughters that are growing up in an educational system that frightens my husband and I. Common Core has GOT TO GO – and I will do everything I can to stop it in its track (not just postpone it.) Not only did George Maziarz vote to allow Common Core in our state, but continues to only offer us lip service, instead of working tirelessly to protect our children. It’s time for a school system where our children learn to LOVE learning and our teachers are able to enjoy their jobs as well. Individuality MUST be recognized in our education system. However, we must make sure that our PARENTS are empowered to make education decisions for their children, as well.

                The NY SAFE Act and other restrictions on our Constitutional Rights are unlawful. It’s time to ensure our representatives are upholding their oath’s of office, and not violating the Constitution. The very document that differs America from all else, and protects that it is the LAND OF THE FREE. Once again, Maziarz has offered us nothing but lip service, including telling us to “rely on the court systems”. He has funded the SAFE Act on budgets last year and this year, and even voted YES on the message of necessity that enacted the SAFE Act. We must fight this unConstitutional legislation on ALL avenues, and rely on OUR representatives in Albany to use their vote and voice in Albany on our behalf – And I PROMISE to represent YOUR VOICE in Albany and fight all unConstitutional legislation on all avenues.

                I will be running in the Republican primary against incumbent, of 19 years, George Maziarz on September 9th, 2014. I will begin collecting petition signatures in a neighborhood near you beginning May 29th, 2014. I would like to ask that if presented with the opportunity to sign for our incumbent that you abstain and sign for me instead.
                                                Thank you for your support!                                                       Gia Arnold